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Canva Templates and Canva Design Tutorials! is the number one source for premium, custom, and editable Canva template designs. All of our Canva templates are made by our team of experienced graphic designers and are compatible with the free version of Canva.

Jake Tucker, Founder

Why Use Canva Templates?

1. Save Time

Save time creating social media graphics, branded designs, presentations, videos, courses, eBooks, and more!

Time is by far the most valuable asset a content creator has. Canva templates allow creators to save hundreds of hours per month!

Canva templates allow creators to perform tedious marketing tasks, such as creating social media graphics, using pre-formatted templates. Just change the text, insert your own images, and you now have premium branded assets in minutes!

2. Save Money

Save money by using our collection of custom FREE Canva Tempaltes!

While you can purchase Canva templates one-off on other eCommerce sites, these templates are expensive! Many of these templates cost anywhere from $25-$100 dollars! Just for one type of design!

All of our templates are offered completely for free! And it’s hard to beat free ☺️

3. Create Your Own Digital Products!

Having access to premium Canva templates allows you to create your own digital products!

While you may only use Canva templates for one aspect of your online business currently (i.e. creating Pinterest pins to promote your blog posts), having access to a wide range of templates gives you the freedom to quickly launch your own products!

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