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Best Canva AI Prompts for Magic Morph

Best Canva AI Prompts for Magic Morph

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Canva offers an amazing array of graphic design tools and marketplace apps, which allow you to leverage generative AI technology to create custom images. One of my favorite of the newly released AI apps in the Canva Magic Studio is Magic Morph.

By inputting a text prompt, users can apply special effects to any image or text they create, adding hues, patterns, and other details, with Magic Morph.

However, like most open ended AI prompting tools, in order to get the best design effects, you often need to know what keyword phrases and prompts to enter in order to achieve the ideal effect. This guide covers the best Canva AI prompts for Magic Morph.

Best Canva Prompts for Magic Morph AI Tool

After hundreds of hours of experimentation with Canva Magic Morph, I’ve assembled this list of some useful short descriptive prompts, that can be applied to any basic Canva shape, text, or simple graphic.

1. Photo Realistic, Made in Medieval Woodcut Art

Photo Realistic, Made in Medieval Woodcut Art

Effect: AI-generated image that combines the aesthetics of medieval woodcut art with a modern twist, offering intricate details and a limited color palette to create a unique and visually striking composition.

2. Phantasmal Iridescent

Phantasmal Iridescent

Effect: An AI-generated image based on the prompt “Phantasmal Iridescent” is a surreal and abstract composition featuring ghostly, iridescent forms with a captivating play of shifting colors, creating an enchanting and otherworldly atmosphere.

3. Isometric Illustration Made of Colorful Flowers

Isometric Illustration Made out of Colorful Flowers

Effect: An AI-generated isometric illustration that showcases a vibrant and diverse array of colorful flowers, creating a visually striking and structured floral scene.

4. Realistic Stained Glass

Realistic Stained Glass

Effect: An AI-generated image based on the prompt “Realistic Stained Glass” recreates the intricate beauty of stained glass with detailed, vivid, and translucent colors, and ornate designs, mimicking the appearance of authentic stained glass artwork.

5. Pastel Marshmallow

Pastel Marshmallow

Effect: An AI-generated image featuring a soft pastel color palette and marshmallow-like elements, creating a sweet, fluffy, and delightful composition reminiscent of pastel marshmallows.

6. Denim Fabric Texture

Denim Fabric Texture

Effect: An AI-generated image replicating the texture and appearance of denim fabric, focusing on the weave pattern, texture, and classic blue color, making it ideal for various design applications.

7. Glittery Marble Texture

Glittery Marble Texture

Effect: An AI-generated image that combines the elegance of marble with a shimmering, glittery effect, creating a visually captivating and luxurious texture suitable for a range of design and decorative purposes.

8. Torn Paper Effect

Torn Paper Effect

Effect: An AI-generated image that realistically replicates the torn paper effect, featuring torn and lifted paper sections with a detailed paper texture, suitable for various creative applications.

9. Surrealist Zebra Print

Surrealist Zebra Print

Effect: An AI-generated image that combines the iconic zebra print with surreal and imaginative elements, creating a visually intriguing and creative composition suitable for artistic and unconventional design applications.


I hope you found this guide covering the best Canva AI prompts for Magic Morph, useful! Discover the potential of other Canva apps in our guide on the best Canva apps! You can also check out our Canva design tutorials or read our blog, to find step by step guides on how to create virtually any design in Canva!