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Best Canva Halloween Fonts

Best Canva Halloween Fonts

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best Halloween fonts in Canva.

What are Halloween Fonts?

Halloween fonts are a fun and spooky way to add personality and thematic elements to your Halloween-themed designs. These fonts often have distinct characteristics that evoke the spirit of Halloween. Here are some common characteristics of Halloween fonts:

  1. Gothic or Grunge Style: Many Halloween fonts feature a gothic or grunge-style design with ornate details, rough edges, or distressed textures to create a mysterious and eerie atmosphere.
  2. Spooky or Playful Letterforms: Halloween fonts may have letterforms that are spooky, playful, or even creepy, often incorporating elements like bats, ghosts, skulls, or pumpkins into the characters.
  3. Dripping or Blood-Like Effects: Some Halloween fonts use dripping or blood-like effects on the letters to convey a sense of horror or the supernatural.
  4. Sharp and Jagged Shapes: Halloween fonts may have sharp, jagged, or irregular shapes in their letterforms to mimic the look of haunted or menacing typography.
  5. Halloween Icons and Symbols: These fonts may include Halloween-themed icons and symbols as part of the character set, such as witches’ hats, tombstones, or spiders.
  6. Handwritten or Hand-Drawn Style: Handwritten or hand-drawn fonts with an organic and imperfect look can add a playful or spooky touch to Halloween designs.
  7. Vintage or Antique Feel: Some Halloween fonts are designed to resemble vintage or antique typography, creating a timeless and eerie atmosphere.
  8. Scratchy or Distorted Textures: Fonts with scratchy or distorted textures can mimic the look of old, weathered materials and contribute to a haunted or spooky vibe.
  9. Bats and Cobwebs: Bats flying around letters or cobwebs intertwined with characters are common design elements in Halloween fonts.
  10. Torn or Ripped Appearance: Fonts with letters that appear torn, ripped, or shredded can create a sense of chaos and horror.

Best Canva Halloween Fonts

1. Scary Stories

Scary Stories

Scary Stories is a font that features irregular, hand-drawn letterforms with jagged edges and a sinister vibe, perfect for conveying a spooky and unsettling atmosphere in design.

2. Charu Chandan Blood Drip

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Charu Chandan Blood Drip is a handwritten-style font that features blood dripping effects on its letters, giving it a horror or Halloween-themed look.

3. Jeepers


Jeepers is font with a vintage, retro aesthetic with an eerie twist, combining classic lettering styles with a mysterious aura.

4. Vampiro One

Vampiro One

Vampiro One is a bold and edgy font that features a unique and stylized design with Gothic elements. The font is characterized by tall and slender letterforms with sharp and angular edges, giving it a dark and mysterious appearance. The font’s bold and dramatic style makes it ideal for use in headlines, titles, and other display applications where a bold and edgy look is desired.

5. Drunken Hour

Drunken Hour

Drunken Hour is an uneven and wobbly letterforms, simulating a tipsy or unstable appearance, adding a playful touch of unpredictability.

6. Shlop


Shlop is a whimsical font with an unconventional and playful design, possibly incorporating odd shapes or characters that exude a quirky and unsettling charm.

7. Butcherman Caps

Butcherman Caps

Butcherman Caps is a font that features bold, heavy letterforms that might resemble bloodstained marks, conveying a gruesome and brutal atmosphere.

8. Beast


Beast is a font that embodies a heavy and bold design with sharp, angular features, suggesting a fierce and monstrous character, fitting for horror-themed projects.

9. Hellprint


Hellprint is a fiery and intense design, with sharp, blazing elements that convey the sensation of chaos and inferno.

10. Postmarek


Postmarek is a font with a distressed or worn texture, resembling text found on old, weathered posters, evoking a sense of history and mystery.


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