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How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

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Canva is an amazing tool that allows you to create products that your clients will absolutely love! 

By using it to make templates, you’ll give your clients a personal and customizable online branding tool that they can reuse for as long as they want. 

Talk about great value! 

There’s quite a bit to cover when it comes to these templates and how you can create one– which is exactly what we’ll be talking about today.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through: 

  • What a Canva template is
  • The different types of templates that you can create on Canva
  • A step-by-step guide on creating your own template.

Are you ready to wow your client? Let’s explore how you can make impressive templates in no time!

What is a Canva Template? 

Canva templates are pieces of graphic design that your clients can edit to suit their needs. 

Using a template will allow them to generate cohesive content and products with ease as you’ve already laid much of the groundwork for them. 

These templates can be used for pretty much anything, but popular uses include printables, social media posts, and other business needs such as presentations or fliers. 

What Templates Can You Create on Canva?

Instagram Post Templates

Canva and Instagram pretty much go hand in hand. With Canva, you get to quickly create a range of Instagram post templates that your clients will surely love! 

Canva provides you with the tools to make templates for standard feed posts, stories, carousel posts, and even videos and reels

Your clients will love Instagram templates as these will make it so much easier for them to create a cohesive and amazing look for their page. In the long run, these will do wonders in promoting your client’s brand too.

Sticker Packs

Canva’s online sticker maker is an easy way to design a sticker pack template for your client! 

Here, you’ll create a variety of branded sticker designs that clients can then edit and tweak for different sales, events, and virtually anything else. 

There are many different Canva tools available to supply you with anything you may need for your templates including loads of stock images and design elements, high-resolution upload and download capability, and even QR code generation! 

Once finished, you can simply link the sticker template to your client, and they’ll then print it themselves as may be necessary or have it sent to Canva Print for high-quality stickers.

Facebook Cover Templates

Are your clients looking for a branded and eye-catching Facebook cover photo that they can easily change to suit their needs? You’ll be able to give them just that! 

Since cover photos are a huge chunk of people’s first impressions of your client and their brands, these images need to be good.

By using your template, your clients get to avoid worrying about awkward photo sizing, struggling with what to pick, or having to edit everything when they want a change.

Pinterest Templates

On Pinterest, aesthetics is everything. Help your clients create and maintain their perfect personal style by providing them with the right templates to use! 

You can sort out all of the spacing, color scheme, fonts, and even images for them so that the only thing they’ll need to do is add the content that they want to post each time.

Card Templates

Cards need to give off the same personal or professional touch each time they’re used regardless of the message written on them. This makes them the perfect candidate for using templates!

On Canva, you get to create a template that not only showcases your client’s brand and personal style, but which is also easily editable to add the occasion, message, or greeting that they need in that instance.

Aside from being printed at home or through Canva Print, your clients also have the option of sending these cards digitally!


Having an invoice template is a must for any successful business, no matter the size. 

Your template will provide your clients with that important step and become something that they’ll use pretty much every day. 

They’re easy to make on Canva too! You just need to drag and drop your client’s branding to the top of the invoice, add in their personal details, and ensure that there’s clean and easy-to-read spacing. 

Your clients will then have an editable invoice that they can modify to reflect transaction details and send to whoever needs it—straight from Canva’s platform!

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients: Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Sign Into Canva

Making a Canva account is extremely easy if you don’t have one already! Simply sign up with your Facebook, Google account, or even any email in only a few seconds. 

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

While there’s a Pro version (that may well be worth it if you’ll be using this tool often), the basic version of Canva is completely free and more than capable of helping you make the perfect template!

Step 2 – Choose Your Background

Search Canva for what type of product you’d like to make (e.g., type “Instagram Post”) and select the “blank” design or any of the already existing templates as a jumping-off point. 

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

If you’re going with the blank design, the next thing to do is select your background color. Do this by first clicking on your template in the center of the screen so it is selected (outlined in purple). 

A multicolored box will then appear at the top left corner of the work area. 

Click this and then select your background color from one of the default options or input the hex code of your desired shade.

Pro tip: Does your client already have an existing color palette that they want you to use in their template? 

Find an image that uses the palette, upload it to your design by dragging and dropping it into “Uploads”, and then add it to your template area. 

Now, when you go back into the background color selector, all of the colors in the photo will appear as options above the default colors! You can then select these colors and use them for other design elements as well.

When you’re done with it, simply delete the photo!

Step 3 – Customize!

Now it’s time to really make the design your own! At this point in the process, you can add the graphics, shapes, text, and even GIFs and videos as may be necessary. 

If you’re just trying your hand at template making, it’s a good idea to start simple. 

Choose basic elements from the “Lines and Shapes” tab and then change their size and positioning to suit your client’s needs. 

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

When you have an element selected, you can edit its color and style, and even type text inside it by using the top option bar. 

Consider tinkering with transparency settings to aesthetically layer different elements as well!

Once you’re feeling confident, a good next step is to use frames, graphic packs, and even your own uploads. 

Step 4 – Create Your Next Pages

Once you’ve completed your initial design, you can then add additional pages if your project requires it. To do this, simply click “ + Add Page” at the bottom of your first design or the add page symbol at the top-right corner. 

If you’re creating a cohesive template pack (let’s say, for an Instagram carousel post or set of cards), a time-saving trick is to select the “Duplicate Page” button at the top of your template instead. 

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

That way, you won’t have to re-select all of your background colors and key elements. Instead, all you need to do is simply delete the elements that you no longer need and replace them with new ones. 

You can also change the order of your pages at any time by using the “Move Up” or “Move Down” buttons.

Step 5 – Download Files

Once you’re satisfied with your template, it’s a good idea to save a copy. 

To do this, select “Share” at the top-right corner of your screen and tap “Download”.

From here, choose your preferred file type (if you’re not sure, just use the one that Canva suggests for you) and then download the image to your device. 

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

Here’s something to consider: At this stage, you’ll notice a few features that are only available for Canva Pro users. These premium features include compressing your file, downloading it in SVG format, and altering the pixel size before saving. 

If any of these are key things that you’ll need for your project, you may want to invest in Canva Pro. 

Step 6 – Get a Shareable Link

To share the template with your client, you’ll want to go to the “Share” option again and select the “Template Link” option. You should then see a link that you will be able to copy and share with others.

Don’t change the sharing restriction settings! 

How to Create Canva Templates for Clients

Although it’s a little confusing, having them set to “Only you can access” already includes the people you share the template link with. If you change the settings, your template becomes publicly available. 

On the other hand, make sure that you don’t provide your client with the “View only” link as they won’t be too happy with not being able to use their own template! 

Final Thoughts

Canva is a straightforward online tool that you can use to make templates for pretty much anything that your client might need. 

While you might need some practice for more complex designs, you can start almost immediately for your basic template requirements.

These templates will be a great addition to your client’s resources as they’re already designed for them and are super easy to edit!