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How to Become a Canva Expert

How to Become a Canva Expert

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If you’re a highly skilled Canva user, you may be eligible to become a Canva Verified Expert!

The site appeals to all skill levels, but only the most experienced can apply for the Expert program. 

As a Canva Expert, you’ll be tasked with spreading the word, educating others, and helping to improve Canva as it grows. 

Joining the Canva Expert program is something that many creatives aspire to – and if you’re a seasoned Canva user, you might consider giving it a shot!

Interested? In this article, we’ll guide you toward the path of becoming part of this highly exclusive program.

Specifically, we’ll talk about: 

  • What a Canva Expert is, and how to become one
  • The six Canva Expert Communities 
  • The benefits of becoming a Canva Expert.

Let’s dive right in and explore the ins and outs of the program!

What Are Canva Verified Experts?

Being a Canva Verified Expert isn’t just for anyone — instead, they’re recognized as “leaders and experts” in their respective fields. 

Canva Experts have a reasonably large following on several platforms, extensive knowledge of all things Canva, and a passion for spreading the word about Canva’s useful tools. 

In essence, Verified Experts have an exemplary grasp of Canva’s capabilities. They make use of the platform in their daily work and have found or furthered their success in doing so. 

They may even be affiliates of Canva or part of the Canva for Nonprofits program!  

One such Canva Expert is Maria Korina Bertulfo, a Community Builder from the Philippines. 

She’s the founder of the Filipina Homebased ​Moms enterprise, and her passion is supporting other mothers to become successful freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

Another Expert is Rebecca Flint, a Brand Educator & Speaker​ from the Sunshine Coast, AU. She worked at Canva for two years, then moved on to teach branding and content design through online webinars and speaking events. 

A third Expert is Trainer and Book Publisher Thea Newcomb out of Glasgow. She’s a trainer, content creator, blogger, and KDP book publisher, and she delivers live group and one-on-one Canva workshops and webinars.

These three Experts are part of a group of 44 others with skills in a variety of areas. The common thread between them is that they have mastered Canva within their chosen pursuits and now want to spread the word about the platform!

What Is the Canva Verified Experts Program?

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The Canva Verified Experts Program is a year-long commitment for “top affiliates, content creators, and educators”. 

Members are selected from the six global Canva communities: Champions, Design Circle, Creators, Education Creators, Canva for Teachers, and Canva for Nonprofits. 

When invited into the program, Experts are given the opportunity to test out new Canva developments. They also have a say in the new tools and products Canva is working on and releasing. 

Canva selects people who are extremely well-versed in the platform and who have gone beyond using it on a casual basis. The program is intended to celebrate these people, receive their feedback, and continue improving the platform on that basis. 

The program refreshes yearly, with about 45 new faces being chosen each year. Since Canva has over 75 million monthly users, the competition is steep! 

You have to be doing something special to be noticed, and Canva must be integral to your results.

How Do You Become a Canva Expert?

The perks of being an Expert are enticing to many Canva users, but currently you can only get into the program by invite. 

A Canva Community Manager who manages the six Canva Communities selects individuals based on their credentials, their following, and their passion.

Most of these communities operate on official Facebook groups, which are also invite-only. 

Making your name known in your group is essential to be considered for the program. Throughout the year, Community Managers will collate a group to be Experts. 

Before you consider applying for these communities, there are other specific requirements you must meet to join some of them. For instance, if you want to become a Canva Champion, then you must first become a Canva affiliate.

Note that the affiliate program itself also requires an application. 

Once you’re accepted as an affiliate, you’ll receive a custom URL to put on your website and social media. Your followers can access Canva through your link, and if they sign up for Canva Pro through you, you’ll earn up to $36 per referral.  

On the other hand, if you’d like to join the Canva for Nonprofit Community, you must first have an approved non-profit account with Canva. This needs to be proven through documentation.

Organizations that are eligible for this program are:

“Registered nonprofits, social impact organizations with a mission consistent with a public or community benefit, public health organizations, and government entities assisting with public health.”

You’ll also need to supply documentation depending on your country and the category your non-profit fits into.

Once you’ve joined any one of the design communities, you now have a shot of being recommended for the Canva Verified Experts program!

The steps to get there are thorough and stringent, as they are necessary to determine whether you have what it takes to be a Canva Expert. 

What Are the Different Canva Communities?

Canva Design Circle

As you’ll see on the official Facebook group, the Canva Design Community is a “place for you to discuss anything design-related”. 

You have the opportunity to share your designs for feedback and to learn new tips and tricks. Any Canva hacks or style inventions are also more than welcome.

Canva Champions

Canva Champions are as strong as they sound. Every Champion is “an affiliate partner and content creator who champions Canva’s mission to empower the world to design”. 

In other words, Champions promote Canva heavily through their work. Access the Canva Champions Facebook group here!


Canva Creators produce content (templates, photos, graphic designs, and more) for Canva users. Through the Creator program, you get to earn passive income while expressing your creativity. 

You set your own hours, create what you want, and then submit it to Canva. Once approved, Canva adds it to the platform’s extensive marketplace where users can access it for their own design purposes. 

You’ll then earn royalties based on how popular your content is with these users. 

There are three categories of Creators: template creators, element creators, and education specialty creators. 

These groups usually house graphic and layout designers, photographers, artists, and educators who create resources for teaching. 

Education Creators 

There is a new Canva community specifically for Educators. Here, teachers can create classroom resources, share them with the Canva marketplace, and then earn passive income from other users accessing them. 

The appeal here is that when teachers share resources they’ve made for their own classroom, they save other teachers’ time and energy. 

For example, when you publish a template, another teacher can customize it for their own classroom!

Being an Education Creator means that you’re joining a community of creative and inspiring educators. This community is friendly and loves sharing resources around to make one another’s teaching lives better. 

Canva notes that when you apply to join this community, you’ll undergo a verification process. At the moment, the community is taking on: 

“Teachers, Google Certified Educators, and Google Certified Trainers working for educational institutions accredited by an authorized governmental agency, [and] education support staff members like librarians, teaching aides or assistants, learning support teachers, and curriculum coordinators.”

This community is in its early stages, so the parameters may change.

Canva for Teachers

The Canva Teachers Community is another official Facebook group hosted by Canva. 

It’s “an exclusive group for school teachers that aims to empower teachers by using Canva as a tool to educate – a community where collaboration and sharing are highly encouraged.” 

This group has ties with Canva’s Education Creators; both are interested in using Canva to aid teaching in the classroom. 

By sharing templates and other resources, teachers broaden their own teaching styles and, in turn, expand their students’ learning scopes. 

Canva for Nonprofits

When you’re running a non-profit, gathering awareness is vital for drumming up volunteers and donations. 

If you register for the Canva for Nonprofits program, you’ll have access to premium features associated with Canva Pro. 

Documentation is required to prove your group’s non-profit status (other eligibility guidelines can be found here). Once you’re approved for the program, you’ll then have Canva’s best tools at your fingertips!

This is a huge asset, especially because a big part of raising awareness is performed through advertising. 

High-quality images, graphics, videos, and other designs can help you gain more attention — and thus traction — for your cause. 

Key Takeaways

The Canva Verified Expert program allows Canva users to go one step further in their endeavors. 

Gaining an “Expert” badge is a sign that you’re using Canva in an exceptional way and have something significant to contribute to the platform’s development!

Before you apply to the Verified Expert program, make sure you meet the requirements. 

Of the six Canva Communities, two have prerequisites. To become a Canva Champion, you must first become an affiliate. If you’re joining the Canva for Nonprofits program, carefully run through the guidelines and ensure you’re eligible. 

Once you’re in, the perks speak for themselves. You’ll have a shiny Expert badge tacked to your profile, a chance to test out new features before they’re released, and free rein to create, share, and connect with other Canva Experts. 

The program renews itself annually, so after one year a new batch of Experts will be chosen. Canva is always on the lookout for people who are making a difference and using Canva to do it. Could this be you?