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Canva Business Card Review (Quality, Price, & Photos of My Order)

Canva Business Card Review (Quality, Price, & Photos of My Order)

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Canva Print is a neat service offered by Canva where you can turn your digital graphic designs into physical printed products. I was one of the first to test this service, and used it both for my small business and to furnish my house. However, it can be tough to tell what a Canva print product will actually look like.

Of course, the online renderings generated by Canva look nice, but it that how the products really turn out? So I decided to order a bunch of test products from Canva, and share the photos of the products I received, and provide my overall review as a graphic designer.

This article will focus on my order of a Canva business card. It includes my overall review of the product and photos from my test order. I hope you find this useful!

Canva Template Brand Elements Applied

To make it easier to compare multiple Canva print products, I ordered all the products using the same brand elements from my own website (

Canva Business Card Review

I ordered a Canva business card for this test. Specifically, I ordered a Canva business card with the following specifications:

Canva Business Card Order

Canva Print Preview Images vs. Received Product

Below are the preview images Canva generated for my design:

Canva Business Card Order Preview

And below are some photos I took of the Canva business cards once they arrived. While the lighting at home wasn’t perfect, I think it provides a useful look into the final delivered product:

Canva Business Card Quality

I received my custom-printed business cards from Canva, and I was happy with the finished product. Crafted to perfection, these high-quality cards boast a sleek design, vivid colors, and a luxurious feel that leaves a lasting impression. It was nice that Canva allowed users to choose from a range of paper options and finishes to reflect your unique style.


While it was slightly annoying to have to purchase 50 of the business cards (minimum order size), I would generally say that this was good purchase and use of Canva Print! The business cards were well printed and quite legible (even with a bright/colorful design)! If you want to learn more about how to use Canva Print, be sure to check out our blog!