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Best Canva Font Pairings (Canva Font Combinations)

Best Canva Font Pairings (Canva Font Combinations)

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover best Canva font pairings, allowing you to save time when trying to choose a Canva font combination.

What Are Some Characteristics of Canva Fonts That Work Well Together?

Canva fonts that go together well typically share the following characteristics:

  1. Contrast: Fonts with contrasting styles, such as pairing a sans-serif with a serif font, create visual interest. The contrast can draw attention to specific elements and make the text more readable.
  2. Similar x-Height: Fonts with similar x-heights (the height of lowercase letters) tend to align well and provide a consistent baseline for text. This ensures a balanced look.
  3. Complementary Styles: Choosing fonts with styles that match the content or brand’s personality is essential. For example, a playful font might pair well with a whimsical design, while a formal font is suitable for a professional document.
  4. Weight Variation: Combining fonts with different weights (e.g., light, regular, bold) can help create hierarchy and emphasis within text, making it easier to distinguish headings from body text.
  5. Consistent Mood: Fonts should convey a consistent mood or tone. A vintage font might pair well with another vintage font, while a modern font works best with a complementary modern font.
  6. Legibility: The primary objective of any font combination is legibility. Fonts should be easy to read and not cause strain on the eyes.
  7. Spacing: Pay attention to letter and line spacing (kerning and leading). Well-adjusted spacing ensures that the fonts work together seamlessly.
  8. Proportion: The overall proportions of fonts, including the width and height of characters, should be in harmony. Avoid pairing fonts with extreme differences in proportions.
  9. Purpose and Context: The context in which the fonts will be used matters. Think about the medium (print, web), the audience, and the message to choose fonts that are contextually appropriate.
  10. Hierarchy: Use fonts that naturally create a visual hierarchy. For instance, a bold, decorative font for headings and a simpler, readable font for body text.

Best Canva Font Pairings

1. Montserrat and Open Sans

Montserrat and Open Sans Canva Font Pairing

Montserrat and Open Sans complement each other beautifully. Montserrat’s bold, modern sans-serif style pairs harmoniously with Open Sans’ clean, versatile appearance, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing contrast for a wide range of designs.

2. Alata and Cardo

Alata and Cardo Canva Font Pairing

Alata and Cardo are a striking pair. Alata’s sharp, geometric sans-serif lends a contemporary edge, while Cardo’s elegant, seriffed characters add a touch of classical sophistication. The combination offers a captivating visual juxtaposition that can be particularly effective for creative projects.

3. Josefin Sans and Source Sans Pro

Josefin Sans and Source Sans Pro Canva Font Pairing

Josefin Sans and Source Sans Pro create a harmonious synergy. Josefin Sans’ vintage, high-contrast design contrasts elegantly with Source Sans Pro’s minimalism. This combination strikes a balance between the old and new, making it versatile and appealing for various design contexts.

4. Lovelo and Glacial Indifference

Lovelo and Glacial Indifference Canva Font Pairing

Lovelo and Glacial Indifference make a bold statement together. Lovelo’s bold, distinctive style pairs seamlessly with Glacial Indifference’s clean, readable sans-serif appearance. The combination is ideal for eye-catching, modern designs that demand attention.

5. Sunborn and Woodland

Sunborn and Woodland Canva Font Pairing

Sunborn and Woodland evoke a natural, rustic feel. Sunborn’s hand-drawn, script-like style complements Woodland’s organic, sans-serif design. This pairing creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for nature-themed projects or brands.

6. Quiche and Poppins

Quiche and Poppins Canva Font Pairing

Quiche and Poppins create a refined, contemporary look. Quiche’s elegant serifs and Poppins’ clean, sans-serif style harmonize effortlessly. This combination is versatile, conveying a sense of modern sophistication and readability suitable for various design applications.

7. Versailles and Open Sans Light

Versailles and Open Sans Light Canva Font Pairing

Versailles, with its elegant, decorative, and slightly ornate style, pairs nicely with the simplicity of Open Sans Light. The contrast between the two fonts creates a striking balance, making Versailles suitable for headings or decorative elements and Open Sans Light ideal for body text, ensuring readability and visual interest.

8. Bodoni FLF and Montserrat Light

Bodoni FLF and Montserrat Light Canva Font Pairing

The combination of Bodoni FLF‘s bold, high-contrast serifs with Montserrat Light‘s clean, sans-serif design creates a strong and balanced contrast. Bodoni adds a touch of sophistication to headings, while Montserrat Light ensures legibility in body text, making it an excellent choice for classic and modern designs.

9. League Spartan and Moontime

League Spartan and Moontime Canva Font Pairing

League Spartan‘s bold, geometric style complements the whimsical, hand-drawn appearance of Moontime. This pairing creates a captivating visual juxtaposition, making it suitable for creative and artistic projects, where the boldness of League Spartan emphasizes key elements and Moontime adds a unique, personalized touch.

10. Genty and Afrah

Genty and Afrah Canva Font Pairing

Genty and Afrah are complementary script fonts that share a similar handwritten and cursive style. This pairing is ideal for designs that seek a consistent, elegant, and personalized feel, such as invitations or branding where a touch of calligraphic charm is desired.

11. Tan Mon Cheri and Maleah

Tan Mon Cheri and Maleah Canva Font Pairing

Tan Mon Cheri’s vintage, decorative script harmonizes well with Maleah‘s clean and readable sans-serif. This combination offers a pleasing balance of elegance and simplicity, making it versatile for a variety of design projects that require a touch of retro charm and modern readability.

12. Shrikhand and Tenor Sans

Shrikhand and Tenor Sans Canva Font Pairing

Shrikhand‘s bold, rounded, and playful appearance complements Tenor Sans‘ clean and modern sans-serif style. This combination strikes a balance between a fun, decorative heading (Shrikhand) and a sleek, readable body text (Tenor Sans), making it ideal for creative and youthful designs.


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