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Best Glitch Fonts in Canva

Best Glitch Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best glitch fonts in Canva.

What are Glitch Fonts?

Glitch fonts are a type of experimental font that feature distorted and corrupted letterforms. Some characteristics of glitch fonts include:

  1. Distorted or “glitched” letterforms: The letters may appear broken, pixelated, or distorted in some way to create a glitch effect.
  2. Digital or technological feel: Many glitch fonts have a digital or technological feel, as they are often used in contexts related to computers, software, or the internet.
  3. Bold and eye-catching: Glitch fonts are often designed to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, with bold, highly stylized letterforms.
  4. Experimental and unconventional: Because of their distorted and unconventional appearance, glitch fonts are often seen as experimental or avant-garde.
  5. Limited legibility: Glitch fonts can sometimes be difficult to read, as the distortion and glitch effects can interfere with the legibility of the letterforms.

Best Canva Glitch Fonts

1. Kare Gradient

Kare Gradient

Kare Gradient is a modern display font designed by Khurasan. It features a unique gradient effect where each letter is filled with a gradient color scheme. The font has a bold and eye-catching appearance, making it ideal for headlines, posters, and other creative projects. Kare Gradient is available in both uppercase and lowercase letters and includes multilingual support for a wide range of languages.

2. Saved By Zero

Saved By Zero

Saved By Zero is a font inspired by the 80s aesthetic. It features a bold and geometric design, with straight lines and sharp angles. The letters create a futuristic feel. It is available in both regular and italic styles, and is often used for titles, headlines, and logos.

3. StopMotion


StopMotion is a playful and quirky display font with a handmade feel. The letters appear as if they have been cut out of paper and moved around like stop-motion animation. The font has irregular edges and slight variations in letter size, giving it a unique and imperfect look. It would be great for projects related to creativity, art, or animation.

4. Magz


Magz is a sans-serif font designed by Fontfabric. It has a modern and minimalistic look with clean lines and rounded edges. The letters are slightly condensed with a generous x-height, making it easy to read even at small sizes. Magz comes in eight weights from Thin to Black, as well as matching italics. It is a versatile font that can be used for a variety of projects such as editorial design, branding, packaging, and web design.

5. Phoenix Square

Phoenix Square

Phoenix Square is a modern sans-serif font that features a clean and elegant design with squared-off letterforms. It has a bold and sturdy appearance, making it suitable for headlines, titles, and branding materials. The font comes in several weights and styles, providing versatility for various design needs.

6. Mokoto Glitch 2

Mokoto Glitch 2

Mokoto Glitch 2 is a glitch-style font with a futuristic, digital look. It features irregular lines, distorted edges, and a rough texture, creating the appearance of a malfunctioning computer display. The font is ideal for projects that require a sci-fi or cyberpunk aesthetic.

7. Gugi


Gugi is a modern sans-serif font that features rounded edges and a clean design. It has a friendly and approachable look, making it a great choice for various design projects such as logos, branding, posters, and social media graphics. Gugi is available in several weights and styles, allowing for flexibility in design.

8. Data 70

Data 70

Data 70 is a font that was designed by Bob Newman and released by Letraset in 1970. It is a monospaced font that features geometric and futuristic design elements, with characters that are constructed from straight lines and sharp angles. Data 70 was popularized in the early days of computer technology, and it continues to be used in various applications today.

9. Aspal


Aspal is a modern display font designed by Alifinart Studio. It features bold, rounded letterforms with a geometric aesthetic. The letters are slightly condensed with smooth curves and sharp edges, giving it a clean and contemporary look. It is a versatile font that can be used for various design projects such as logos, headlines, and branding materials.

10. Forma


Forma is a geometric sans-serif font designed by David Jonathan Ross. It features a minimalistic, modern look with circular strokes and a large x-height for improved legibility. Forma comes in various weights and styles, making it versatile for use in different contexts, including body text and headlines.


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