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Best Inline Fonts in Canva

Best Inline Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best inline fonts in Canva.

What are Inline Fonts?

Inline fonts typically share the following characteristics:

  1. Two layers: Inline fonts feature two layers of lettering, with an outer layer that encloses an inner layer.
  2. Contrasting colors: The outer and inner layers of inline fonts are typically in contrasting colors, such as white on black or black on white, which creates a striking visual effect.
  3. Thin lines: The inner layer of inline fonts is typically made up of thin lines that contrast with the bold, solid lines of the outer layer.
  4. Sans-serif: Most inline fonts are sans-serif, which gives them a modern, streamlined look that is well-suited to contemporary design.
  5. High legibility: Inline fonts are typically designed to be highly legible, with clear letterforms and ample spacing between characters.
  6. Limited variation: Inline fonts tend to have a limited range of variation in terms of weight and style, as they are intended to be consistent and easily recognizable across different media.
  7. Limited use: Inline fonts are not typically used for body copy or large blocks of text, but rather for headings, titles, and other short bursts of text where their impact can be fully appreciated. They are commonly used in branding, advertising, and other forms of visual communication that require a bold and modern style.

Best Canva Inline Fonts

1. Ravenholm Inline

Ravenholm Inline

Ravenholm Inline is a decorative serif font with a gothic and vintage style. It features sharp serifs and unique letterforms that give it a distinctive and eye-catching look. The inline detailing adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the font. It is suitable for use in various design projects, such as logos, posters, and packaging.

2. Zico Display Inline

Zico Display Inline

Zico Display Inline is a sans-serif font designed by Thai-based foundry, Zico House. It features a bold and playful design with sharp angles and clean lines, making it a great choice for headlines and titles. The inline version of the font adds an additional layer of dimension and interest, making it stand out even more. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and a selection of punctuation and symbols.

3. Athena Inline

Athena Inline

Athena Inline is a modern display font with a classic, elegant feel. It features a tall and narrow design with sharp, angular edges that create a sense of sophistication and strength. The inline detailing adds a unique touch to the overall design, making it stand out from other fonts in its category. Athena Inline is a versatile font that can be used for a variety of projects, including branding, logos, packaging, and more.

4. Fascinate Inline

Fascinate Inline

Fascinate Inline is a font that features bold, clean lines with a slightly retro look. The letters are designed with a thin inline that runs parallel to the outer edge of each character, creating a shadow effect that adds depth and interest to the text. The overall effect is modern and stylish, making Fascinate Inline a popular choice for branding, logos, and display typography.

5. Bubblebody Inline

Bubblebody Inline

Bubblebody Inline is a display font with a fun and playful appearance. It features a rounded design with thick strokes, giving it a bubbly and cheerful look. The font is ideal for use in titles, headlines, and other creative design projects that require a bold and distinctive typeface.

6. Rosella Inline

Rosella Inline

Rosella Inline is a decorative sans-serif font that features a hand-drawn, hand-lettered style. It has a unique, playful design that is well-suited for a variety of creative projects such as posters, invitations, and branding materials. The letters are outlined with a thin stroke and filled with a textured, distressed pattern, giving the font a vintage, rustic look.

7. Squartiqa Inline

Squartiqa Inline

Squartiqa Inline is a decorative typeface that features rounded, flowing lines and a hand-drawn look. The characters have a consistent stroke weight and are slightly condensed, with a tall x-height and open counters. The inline design adds a unique touch, with a thin line running through the center of each letterform, giving it a retro or vintage feel. It is suitable for use in headings, logos, and other display applications where a bold, playful aesthetic is desired.

8. Thicker Inline

Thicker Inline

Thicker Inline is a display font with thick lines and rounded corners, creating a bold and playful look. It features an inline design with two parallel lines running through the center of each character, adding depth and dimension to the text. The font is suitable for various designs such as posters, logos, and packaging.

9. Winter Inline

Winter Inline

10. Ambiguity Inline

Ambiguity Inline

Ambiguity Inline is a display font that features a thin, handwritten script style with a distressed texture. The characters have irregular, flowing strokes that give the font a natural and organic appearance. It is suitable for designs that require a personal touch, such as invitations, posters, or greeting cards. The inline version features an additional thin line that runs through the center of the letters, adding a unique dimension to the font.


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