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Best Graffiti Fonts in Canva

Best Graffiti Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best graffiti fonts in Canva.

What are Graffiti Fonts?

Graffiti fonts, also known as street art fonts, typically share the following characteristics:

  1. Bold and edgy: Graffiti fonts are often designed to look bold and edgy, with thick, strong letterforms that create a sense of power and defiance.
  2. Flowing lines: Graffiti fonts often feature flowing, curved lines that give them a sense of motion and energy.
  3. Graffiti-inspired: Graffiti fonts are often inspired by the look and feel of traditional graffiti, with stylized letterforms, drips, and other elements that are commonly associated with street art.
  4. Highly stylized: Graffiti fonts are often highly stylized, with unique and distinctive letterforms that are designed to stand out and make a statement.
  5. Limited legibility: Graffiti fonts are not typically designed for high legibility, as they are often intended to be used in artistic and expressive ways rather than for traditional text-based communication.
  6. Multiple variations: Graffiti fonts often have multiple variations, with different styles, weights, and effects that allow designers to create a range of different looks and effects.
  7. Limited use: Graffiti fonts are not typically used for body copy or large blocks of text, but rather for headings, titles, and other short bursts of text where their impact can be fully appreciated. They are commonly used in graphic design, street art, and other forms of visual communication that require a bold and edgy style.

Best Canva Graffiti Fonts

1. Lacquer


Lacquer is a modern, minimalist font that features clean lines and a slightly curved and dripping-like design. It’s great for use in logos or headlines.

2. Kust


Kust is a modern display font that features bold, thick strokes and rounded edges. It has a unique, hand-drawn appearance that gives it a playful and friendly feel. Kust is a versatile font that works well for both headlines and body text.

3. Heretical Texture

Heretical Texture

Heretical Texture is a font that has a rough and edgy texture, giving it a grungy and rebellious look. It appears as if the letters were stamped onto the page, creating an impression of a raw, handmade feel. The letters have a slightly uneven texture, with various distress marks and scratches, making it perfect for designs that require a distressed or worn look.

4. Janmeid


Janmeid is a bold, angular font with sharp, geometric shapes and a futuristic, sci-fi feel.

5. The Breaks

The Breaks

The Breaks is a font designed by StereoType. It is a display font with a modern, bold and condensed style. The letters have a slight slant and a strong, geometric structure. The font features uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and basic punctuation marks.

6. 29LT Makina

29LT Makina

29LT Makina is a geometric sans-serif font designed by Naji El Mir and created by the 29Letters type foundry. The font is characterized by its clean lines and angled terminals, which give it a futuristic and technological feel. It is available in seven weights, ranging from Thin to Black, and is suitable for a wide range of applications such as branding, packaging, and editorial design.

7. Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker is a freehand style handwriting font designed by Font Diner. It features thick, bold strokes that give it a casual and playful look. The letters are slightly slanted, giving the font a dynamic appearance. It’s a great choice for designs that need a touch of personality or a handwritten feel, such as invitations, posters, and social media graphics. The font is available in regular and bold weights and supports a range of international languages.

8. Sprite Graffiti Shadow

Sprite Graffiti Shadow

Sprite Graffiti Shadow is a display font designed to look like graffiti with a three-dimensional effect. The font features bold, thick lines with a rough and textured style, giving it an edgy and street-inspired look. The shadows behind the letters make them appear as if they are popping off the page, adding to the overall graffiti feel of the font.

9. Lava Pro Grunge

Lava Pro Grunge

Lava Pro Grunge is a grunge-style font that features a distressed, worn look. It’s great for use in designs with a vintage or edgy look.

10. Walls Rough

Walls Rough

Walls Rough is a handwritten font that has a rough and textured appearance, giving it a vintage and distressed feel. It features uneven lines and edges that create a sense of movement and energy, making it suitable for designs that need to convey a sense of spontaneity or rebellion. The font has a casual and playful look that makes it ideal for posters, flyers, and other design projects that require a bold and eye-catching display font.


I hope you found this guide covering the best graffiti fonts in Canva, useful! Be sure to check out our blog for more article covering the essential tips, tricks, and advice for Canva! Also, if you haven’t already tried CanvaPro, you can try it for free for 30 days!