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Best Rough Fonts in Canva

Best Rough Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best rough fonts in Canva.

What is a Rough Font?

A rough font is a typeface that is designed to have a textured or distressed appearance, as if it has been printed or written by hand. These fonts typically have irregular shapes and uneven edges, and may include scratches, smudges, or other imperfections.

Rough fonts are often used in design projects that have a vintage or handmade aesthetic, as they can add a sense of authenticity and character to the design. They are commonly used for headlines, logos, posters, and other graphic design elements.

Best Canva Rough Fonts

1. Edmund Texture

Edmund Texture

Edmund Texture is a rough, grungy font designed by James T. Edmondson. It features a distressed texture that gives it a vintage, worn look, making it a great choice for designs with a rustic or weathered feel. The font includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and a variety of symbols.

2. Together Rough

Together Rough

Together Rough is a decorative display font that features a hand-drawn and slightly rough appearance. It has a vintage, rustic feel to it and includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and some special characters. The font is suitable for use in various design projects such as posters, invitations, and packaging.

3. Comodo Stamp

Comodo Stamp

Comodo Stamp is a distressed font with a stamped effect, featuring rough edges and a slightly uneven texture. The letters are bold and blocky with subtle distressing on each character, giving it a vintage or grunge look. The font also includes a variety of alternate characters and ligatures, providing additional options for creating unique designs.

4. Rundeck Texture

Rundeck Texture

Rundeck Texture is a decorative display font that has a rough, textured appearance. It features rounded edges and irregular shapes that give it a handmade and organic feel. The letters are slightly condensed and have a bold weight, making them stand out on any design. The rough texture gives the font a rustic and vintage look, making it perfect for projects that require a more rugged or outdoorsy feel.

5. Art Nuvo Stamp

Art Nuvo Stamp

Art Nuvo Stamp is a distressed and irregularly shaped font characterized by flowing lines, uneven texture, and stamped lettering. The typeface is perfect for simulating a stamped font.

6. Rustic Printed Stamp

Rustic Printed Stamp

Rustic Printed Stamp is a decorative font that mimics the look of old printing presses, featuring a distressed texture and irregular lines. It evokes a vintage and handmade feel, ideal for projects that require a rustic or artisanal aesthetic.

7. Freckle Face

Freckle Face

Freckle Face is a hand-drawn, cursive font with irregular edges and a playful, whimsical feel. It resembles handwriting and can add a personal touch to designs.

8. Black Gold Display Rough

Black Gold Display Rough

Black Gold Display Rough is a decorative display font that features a rough, textured appearance with a hand-drawn look. The letters are bold and slightly slanted, giving the font a sense of movement and energy. The texture adds an element of organicness and imperfection, making it suitable for designs that require a more rustic or vintage feel.

9. Sailors


Sailors is a font with nautical elements might include elements such as rounded corners, bold strokes, and curved lines to evoke the shape of waves, anchors, ropes, or other sea-related objects.

10. Heretical Texture

Heretical Texture

Heretical Texture is a font that has a rough and edgy texture, giving it a grungy and rebellious look. It appears as if the letters were stamped onto the page, creating an impression of a raw, handmade feel. The letters have a slightly uneven texture, with various distress marks and scratches, making it perfect for designs that require a distressed or worn look.


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