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8 Reasons Why Canva Pro Is Worth the Money

8 Reasons Why Canva Pro Is Worth the Money

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Since launching in 2012, Canva has worked to revolutionize the graphic design world, making it more accessible to all users. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, gaining rapid adoption among content creators who require custom graphics, but are not themselves professional graphic designers.

Canva users have created a staggering 15 billion designs using Canva. Yet, only a small fraction of Canva users subscribe to the paid Canva Pro. If you are using the free version of Canva, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade.

This guide will examine the reasons why Canva Pro is worth the money.

What Is Canva Pro?

But first, let’s talk about Canva Pro. Canva is a free online graphic design tool available to anyone looking to create eye-popping designs. Canva Pro allows you to unlock the premium features of Canva by paying a subscription fee.

The benefits of Canva Pro include access to unlimited features and premium design content. Canva Pro offers a more efficient workspace and improved user experience.

Here are 8 of the best reasons Canva pro is worth upgrading to, compared to the free version of Canva.

1. Access to Stock Photos, Videos, Audio, Graphics, Font, Templates, and Brand Kits

One of the greatest benefits of Canva Pro is its design elements. The paid subscription service includes a large library of stock elements to use in your designs.

Canva Pro also provides access to unlimited features. You can use and manipulate professional-grade stock files on a variety of subject matter without worrying about royalties.

And you won’t need multiple subscriptions to various services. With Canva Pro, everything is in one place.

Visual and Audio Content

Choose from more than 100 million beautiful stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics to make your designs come to life. Most designers won’t require subscriptions to other stock services.

Users can also add customized frames or vignettes to their images to create a dramatic impact. You can also track the filter codes you apply to use them for consistent branding in the future.


Create professional-grade designs by accessing a large library of fonts in Canva Pro. While the free version of Canva provides access to roughly 130 font types, Canva Pro grants access to more than 1,000 fonts.

Choose between sans serif, cursive, retro, etc. to create designs that speak to your brand identity.

The premium subscription also gives users the option to upload and use their fonts, so you can use your font hierarchy for all of your branding.

Brand Kits

Canva Pro provides access to 100 brand kits. But in addition to that, users have more control over the use of their brand kits.

The premium subscription allows users to upload multiple brand kits including their logos, font hierarchy, and unlimited color palettes. Ensure your branding is consistent by applying your branding kit to each design you do with the click of a button.

Professional Design Templates

If you compare the free subscription of Canva vs Canva Pro, one of the first things you’ll notice is the large collection of professional design templates to choose from.

The free subscription limits users to a small selection of templates. But with Canva Pro, users have access to more than 610,000 dynamic design templates.

Users can search for templates on the homepage and choose from a wide selection of different design styles and formats. Canva Pro also allows users to choose between animated templates, illustrations, and vectors.

The templates are easily customizable. Include elements from your brand kit to ensure your branding is front in center.

2. Ease of Workflow

Canva Pro features also improve your workflow. Canva Pro users can create and store separate folders for individual projects. It makes it easier to stay organized and on top of your work.

The team subscription gives you the option to share projects with your design team so you can collaborate on design projects. Simply share a link and provide access to project folders and elements with ease. Canva Pro has a user-friendly interface, making it perfect for designers with varying levels of experience.

If you purchase team access, your team can also converse and leave comments for one another within your projects. The feature makes communication and collaboration easier for everyone involved.

Users can create, save, and export videos for any platform. Canva Pro also allows you to save your design in any format.

3. Background Remover

The Background Remover feature is perhaps one of the best benefits of Canva Pro. Simply click background remover in the effects section and watch distracting backgrounds disappear from your image.

Canva Pro also allows you to use an image eraser to remove specific portions of an image.

Drag the remaining image around and place it over a new background with ease. This process will save you time and effort trying to create a transparent PNG the way other design programs require you to.

Use the background remover tool to create beautiful thumbnails and headshots, or to make images pop out from a neutral background.

4. Storage

By upgrading to Canva Pro, users can take advantage of exponentially more storage. Where the free Canva subscription provides 5GB of storage space, Canva Pro offers users 1TB of storage.

Canva Pro also allows users to create an unlimited amount of folders.

That is a lot of space to store folders for projects so you can work on a variety of designs at a time, and access past designs when you need to.

5. Resizing

Users who subscribe to Canva Pro can also take advantage of more sizing options.

Canva Pro allows designers to create custom canvas sizes for their projects. It will also allow you to choose between templates that have been sized perfectly for specific uses like Pinterest or Instagram stories.

Designers can also resize their existing design projects at any time by selecting the resize option under the menu and entering custom dimensions.

The ability to resize designs makes Canva Pro far superior to the free version of Canva.

6. Animation

Canva Pro allows users to create stunning visuals that stand out above the crowd using its animation elements.

The animated video maker allows users to make unique designs with movement. The timeline panel allows users to animate different elements at one time and control the timing of each animated element.

Create a design that stands out and leaves a lasting impression by including animation. Animation can be added to social media stories, videos, and presentations.

Users can animate various elements of their design including text, graphics, and photos by selecting the element and choosing from the animations tab.

7. 24/7 Support

While 24/7 support is offered to all Canva users, regardless of their subscription, Canva Pro users receive timely responses. Users can contact support through email and attach a screenshot of the issue they are experiencing, along with the impacted design.

Users who operate using the free Canva plan may wait up to a week for a response from support. But Canva Pro users can typically expect a response within 24 hours of sending their email.

This fast action from support leads to a more productive workspace. Canva Pro users don’t have to let technical issues get in the way of their projects for long.

8. Cost Comparison

Many users are hesitant to upgrade to Canva Pro because of the cost. But when you compare the Canva Pro cost to that of other design programs, it’s quite reasonable.

Canva Pro costs $13 per month. But using Adobe programs costs almost $21 dollars per month. Canva Pro offers a lot of the same services for almost half the price.

The premium subscription also includes large libraries of design elements including graphics, stock images, fonts, audio, video, and templates. So you get a lot for your money by paying the monthly fee.

For the general user, Canva Pro offers the features needed to create effective branding and high-quality designs. Unless you are a graphic designer who needs access to more features and effects, subscribing to Canva Pro might be a cheaper alternative.

If you purchase the annual subscription, you will pay even less monthly. So while the free subscription does offer a fair amount, it does not compare to the benefits of Canva Pro.

Is Canva Pro is Worth the Money? Yes!

If you are thinking about upgrading to Canva Pro, you might be wondering if the paid subscription offers enough value.

By reviewing these 8 Reasons Why Canva Pro Is Worth the Money, you can determine if upgrading to the premium subscription is right for you. Understand how purchasing Canva Pro will improve your workflow and feel confident in your purchase.

If you’re looking for unique Canva templates that are compatible with either subscription, we can help. Visit our website and let us help you enhance your design!