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Canva Poster Review (Quality, Price, & Photos of My Order)

Canva Poster Review (Quality, Price, & Photos of My Order)

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Canva Print is a neat service offered by Canva where you can turn your digital graphic designs into physical printed products. I was one of the first to test this service, and used it both for my small business and to furnish my house. However, it can be tough to tell what a Canva print product will actually look like.

Of course, the online renderings generated by Canva look nice, but it that how the products really turn out? So I decided to order a bunch of test products from Canva, and share the photos of the products I received, and provide my overall review as a graphic designer.

This article will focus on my order of a Canva poster. It includes my overall review of the product and photos from my test order. I hope you find this useful!

Canva Template Brand Elements Applied

To make it easier to compare multiple Canva print products, I ordered all the products using the same brand elements from my own website (

Canva Poster Review

I ordered a Canva poster for this test. Specifically, I ordered a Canva poster with the following specifications:

Canva Poster Order Specifications

Canva Print Preview Images vs. Received Product

Below are the preview images Canva generated for my design:

Canva Poster Order Preview

The rendering shows my poster against a rendering of a wall. I chose the small sized poster (12 x 16in).

Canva Poster Wooden Frame Options

Although there was an option to choose a Canva poster without a frame, this seemed like a nice extra feature, which many other people might order. I chose the black frame.

And below are some photos I took of the Canva poster once it arrived. While the lighting at home wasn’t perfect, I think it provides a useful look into the final delivered product:

Canva Poster Quality

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the Canva poster. The frame was quite solid and didn’t look cheap, the glass was secured in place and didn’t slide around, and you could notice the glossy finish as it did have a (subtle) extra shine to it.

Canva Poster Price

I did think that compared to some of the other Canva print options, the poster was a bit expensive. Granted, the poster itself was only $12, but if you added any of the three poster frames, the price jumped to $64.50 (for a single poster). This is definitely something to keep in mind when ordering!

Canva Poster Pricing


While I did find the frame for the Canva poster a bit expensive, I would overall say that this was good purchase and use of Canva Print! If you want to learn more about how to use Canva Print, be sure to check out our blog!