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Canva Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate List of Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate List of Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

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For those who use Canva regularly, keyboard shortcuts can be a great way to speed up the design process. With Canva’s vast array of tools and features, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate and find exactly what you need. However, with the use of keyboard shortcuts, users can quickly access the tools they need and complete their designs more efficiently.

There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts available in Canva, ranging from basic text formatting to more advanced design functions. By mastering these shortcuts, users can save time and streamline their workflow. Whether you’re a seasoned Canva user or just getting started, learning and utilizing these shortcuts can greatly enhance your experience with the platform.

Why Use Canva Keyboard Shortcuts?

Canva is an excellent graphic design tool that enables users to create stunning designs without any prior design experience. One of the most efficient ways to work with Canva is to take advantage of its keyboard shortcuts. By using keyboard shortcuts, users can save time and increase productivity, allowing them to create designs more efficiently.

Keyboard shortcuts are an essential tool that helps users to navigate quickly through Canva’s interface. They allow users to perform various actions without using the mouse, which can be time-consuming. For example, users can use the keyboard shortcut “Command + B” to make text bold or “Command + C” to copy an element. These shortcuts are easy to learn and can save users a lot of time in the long run.

Moreover, using keyboard shortcuts can make the design process more enjoyable. When users don’t have to switch between the keyboard and mouse, they can focus more on the design process and less on the technical aspects of the software. This can help users to get into a flow state, which can lead to better design outcomes.

Getting Started with Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva is a popular graphic design tool that allows users to create stunning designs for various purposes. One of the best ways to speed up your design process in Canva is to use keyboard shortcuts. In this section, we will cover the basics of Canva keyboard shortcuts, including how to access them, basic shortcuts, and advanced shortcuts.

How to Access Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Accessing Canva keyboard shortcuts is easy. When you are in the Canva editor, simply press the “?” key on your keyboard, and a pop-up window will appear with a list of shortcuts. You can also access the shortcuts by clicking on the “Help” button in the editor’s top menu and selecting “Keyboard Shortcuts.”

Basic Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

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Basic Canva keyboard shortcuts are simple and easy to remember. These shortcuts will help you perform common tasks quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the most useful basic Canva keyboard shortcuts:

Undo: Ctrl + ZUndo: CommandZ
Redo: Ctrl + YRedo: CommandY
Save: Ctrl + SSave: CommandS
Select all: Ctrl + ASelect all: CommandA
Add text: TAdd text: T
Add rectangle: RAdd rectangle: R
Add line: LAdd line: L
Add circle: CAdd circle: C
Add link: Ctrl + KAdd link: CommandK
Add empty page: Ctrl + EnterAdd empty page: CommandReturn
Delete empty page: Ctrl + BackspaceDelete empty page: CommandDelete
Navigate to toolbar Ctrl + F1Navigate to toolbar: CommandF1
Skip to canvas: Ctrl + F2Skip to canvas: CommandF2
Canva Assistant shortcut: / or Ctrl + ECanva Assistant shortcut: / or CommandE

Advanced Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

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Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editing

Canva keyboard shortcuts for text editing can help users format their text quickly and easily. Some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts for text editing in Canva include:

Open font menu: Shift + Ctrl + FOpen font menu: ShiftCommandF
Find and replace: Ctrl + FFind and replace: CommandF
Bold text: Ctrl + BBold text: CommandB
Italicize text: Ctrl + IItalicize text: CommandI
Underline: Ctrl + UUnderline: CommandU
Uppercase: Shift + Ctrl + KUppercase: ShiftCommandK
Left align: Shift + Ctrl + LLeft align: ShiftCommandL
Center align: Shift + Ctrl + CCenter align: ShiftCommandC
Right align: Shift + Ctrl + RRight align: ShiftCommandR
Justify text: Shift + Ctrl + JJustify text: ShiftCommandJ
Decrease font size by one: Shift + Ctrl + , Increase font size by one: Shift + Command + .Decrease font size by one: ShiftCommand,
Decrease line spacing: Alt + Ctrl + DownDecrease line spacing: OptionCommandDown
Increase line spacing: Alt + Ctrl + UpIncrease line spacing: OptionCommandUp
Decrease letter spacing: Alt + Ctrl + , Increase letter spacing: Alt + Ctrl + .Decrease letter spacing: OptionCommand, Increase letter spacing: OptionCommand.
Anchor text to top: Ctrl + Shift + HAnchor text to top: CommandShiftH
Anchor text to middle: Ctrl + Shift + MAnchor text to middle: CommandShiftM

Anchor text to bottom: Ctrl + Shift + B

Numbered list: Ctrl + Shift + 7
Anchor text to bottom: CommandShiftB
Numbered list: CommandShift7
Bulleted list: Ctrl + Shift + 8Bulleted list: CommandShift8
Copy text style: Alt + Ctrl + CCopy text style: OptionCommandC
Paste text style: Alt + Ctrl + VPaste text style: OptionCommandV

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Zooming

Canva keyboard shortcuts for object manipulation can help users move, duplicate, and group objects quickly and easily. Some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts for object manipulation in Canva include:

Zoom in: Ctrl + +Zoom in: Command+
Zoom out: Ctrl + Zoom out: Command
Zoom to actual size: Ctrl + 0Zoom to actual size: Command0
Zoom to fit: Alt + Ctrl + 0Zoom to fit: OptionCommand0
Zoom to fill: Shift + Ctrl + 0Zoom to fill: ShiftCommand0

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Screen Views

Toggle rulers and guides: Shift + RToggle rulers and guides: ShiftR
Toggle sidebar: Ctrl + /Toggle sidebar: Command/
Scrolling view: Alt + Ctrl + 1Scrolling view: OptionCommand1
Thumbnail view: Alt + Ctrl + 2Thumbnail view: OptionCommand2
Grid view: Alt + Ctrl + 3Grid view: OptionCommand3
Presentation mode: Alt + Ctrl + PPresentation mode: OptionCommandP

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments

Add comment: Alt + Ctrl + NAdd comment: OptionCommandN
Next comment: NNext comment: N
Previous comment: Shift + NPrevious comment: ShiftN
Focus on comment in selection: Ctrl + 5Focus on comment in selection: Command5

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts for Desktop App

Quit the whole Canva app: Alt + F4Quit the whole Canva app: CommandQ
Reload the whole app: Ctrl + RReload the whole app: CommandR
Close the current tab: Ctrl + WEnter full-screen mode: ^CommandF
Select next tab: Ctrl + PageDown or Ctrl + TabClose the current tab: CommandW
Select next tab: OptionCommandRight
Select previous tab: Ctrl + PageUp or Ctrl + Shift + TabSelect previous tab: OptionCommandLeft
Re-open last closed tab: Ctrl + Shift + TRe-open last closed tab: CommandShiftT
Create new design: Ctrl + TCreate new design: CommandT
Switch tabs to focus on a design tab from 1-8: Ctrl + 18Switch tabs to focus on a design tab from 1-8: Command18
Switch to the last tab: Ctrl + 9Switch to the last tab: Command9
Open the Home page: Ctrl + Shift + HOpen the Home page: CommandShiftH
Zoom in app interface: Ctrl + Shift + +Zoom in app interface: CommandShift+
Zoom out app interface: Ctrl + Shift + Zoom out app interface: CommandShift
Close window: Alt + F4Close window: ShiftCommandW

Tips and Tricks for Using Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can save time and make designing with Canva more efficient. Here are some Canva tips and tricks for keyboard shortcuts:

  • Learn the most commonly used shortcuts: Undo, Redo, Save, Select All, and Add Text are some of the most frequently used shortcuts in Canva.
  • Customize shortcuts: Canva allows users to customize keyboard shortcuts. Users can change the default shortcuts to match their preferences.
  • Use Shift key: Holding down the Shift key while using shortcuts can allow for more precise actions. For example, holding down Shift while resizing an object can maintain its proportions.

Another useful tip is to use the Canva keyboard shortcut cheat sheet, which can be found on the Canva website. This cheat sheet includes all of the keyboard shortcuts available in Canva and can be printed out for easy reference.

Finally, practice makes perfect. The more a user uses keyboard shortcuts, the more comfortable and efficient they will become with them. With a little practice, users can become Canva keyboard shortcut pros in no time.


Canva keyboard shortcuts are essential for designers who want to work faster and more efficiently. By using these shortcuts, users can save a significant amount of time and increase their productivity. The shortcuts listed in this article cover a wide range of functions, including adding elements, formatting text, and navigating the interface.

While the list of shortcuts may seem overwhelming at first, it is important to remember that not all of them will be relevant to every user. Designers should focus on the shortcuts that are most useful to their workflow and practice using them until they become second nature.

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