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Best Witchy Fonts on Canva

Best Witchy Fonts on Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best witchy fonts in Canva.

What are Witchy Fonts?

Witchy fonts, often used in designs related to magic, mysticism, and the occult, have distinct characteristics that give them a mystical and otherworldly vibe. Here are some common characteristics of witchy fonts:

  1. Gothic or Vintage Style: Witchy fonts often have a gothic or vintage aesthetic, with letterforms reminiscent of old manuscripts, grimoires, or medieval script.
  2. Decorative Flourishes: These fonts may include decorative elements like swirls, curls, or intricate details that add an enchanting and mystical feel.
  3. Irregular and Uneven Strokes: Witchy fonts may feature irregular and uneven strokes, giving them an aged or handcrafted appearance.
  4. Serifs or Gothic Lettering: Some witchy fonts have serif letterforms or incorporate gothic-style lettering for a sense of mystery and tradition.
  5. Elaborate Capitals: Capital letters in witchy fonts can be more elaborate and ornate than their lowercase counterparts, making them suitable for decorative headers.
  6. Mystical Symbols: Some witchy fonts may include mystical symbols, runes, or sigils within the character set, adding an esoteric touch.
  7. Occult and Esoteric Themes: These fonts may feature occult symbols, astrology signs, or other esoteric elements in their design.
  8. Vintage and Distressed Look: Witchy fonts often have a vintage or distressed appearance, giving them an ancient and weathered feel.
  9. Spooky or Ethereal Vibe: These fonts are designed to convey a spooky, mystical, or ethereal atmosphere, making them suitable for Halloween-themed designs and mystical branding.
  10. Limited Ligatures: Witchy fonts may have limited ligatures and connecting characters, which can enhance their mystical appearance.

Best Witchy Fonts in Canva

1. Arsenica


Arsenica is a decorative font with sharp, angular letterforms and ornate detailing. It has a bold and gothic appearance.Arsenica has a witchy style due to its gothic and dramatic lettering. The sharp angles and intricate details evoke a sense of mystery and enchantment.

2. Scary Stories

Scary Stories

Scary Stories is a decorative font with a spooky and Halloween-inspired design. It features eerie and whimsical lettering. Scary Stories is definitely witchy in style. Its spooky and playful design is perfect for Halloween, witchcraft, and mystical themes.

3. Drunken Hour

Drunken Hour

Drunken Hour is a decorative font with a hand-drawn and slightly distorted appearance. It has an unconventional and artistic style. Drunken Hour may not be traditionally witchy, but its irregular and artistic design could be used creatively in witchcraft-themed projects for an unconventional touch.

4. Beast


Beast is a bold and heavy serif font with strong, thick letterforms. It has a bold and commanding presence. Beast can be associated with a witchy style due to its bold and gothic appearance. The heavy serifs and strong lettering can convey a sense of power and mysticism.

5. Shlop


Shlop is a whimsical font with an unconventional and playful design, possibly incorporating odd shapes or characters that exude a quirky and unsettling charm.

6. Jeepers


Jeepers is font with a vintage, retro aesthetic with an eerie twist, combining classic lettering styles with a mysterious aura.

7. Postmarek


Postmarek is a font with a distressed or worn texture, resembling text found on old, weathered posters, evoking a sense of history and mystery.

8. Butcherman Caps

Butcherman Caps

Butcherman Caps is a font that features bold, heavy letterforms that might resemble bloodstained marks, conveying a gruesome and brutal atmosphere.

9. Hellprint


Hellprint is a fiery and intense design, with sharp, blazing elements that convey the sensation of chaos and inferno.

10. Megrim

Megrim is a whimsical sans-serif font with exaggerated and irregular letterforms, perfect for creative and artistic projects.


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