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Best Rounded Fonts in Canva

Best Rounded Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best rounded fonts in Canva.

What Are Rounded Fonts?

Rounded fonts typically share the following characteristics:

  1. Rounded letterforms: Rounded fonts have letterforms with rounded edges, which give them a soft and friendly appearance.
  2. Consistent stroke weight: Rounded fonts typically have consistent stroke weight throughout the letterforms, which adds to their balanced and harmonious appearance.
  3. Minimalist style: Rounded fonts often have a minimalist style that emphasizes simplicity and clarity, with shapes and forms that are streamlined and refined.
  4. High legibility: Rounded fonts are typically designed to be highly legible, with clear letterforms that are easy to read even at small sizes.
  5. Limited contrast: Rounded fonts have limited contrast between thick and thin strokes, which reinforces their soft and friendly appearance.
  6. Limited variation: Rounded fonts tend to have a limited range of variation in terms of weight and style, as they are intended to be consistent and easily recognizable across different media.
  7. Wide range of use: Rounded fonts are versatile and can be used for body copy, headings, titles, and other types of text. They are commonly used in print and digital media for a wide range of applications, including branding, advertising, and user interfaces.

Best Canva Rounded Fonts

1. Ambiguity Rounded

Ambiguity Rounded

Ambiguity Rounded is a rounded version of the Ambiguity font, which is a condensed sans-serif font with a unique, modern look. The rounded version features soft edges and curves that give it a more playful and friendly appearance compared to the original font. It is suitable for use in various design projects, including branding, packaging, posters, and more.

2. Finland Rounded Thin

Finland Rounded Thin

Finland Rounded Thin is a font that features a clean and minimalist design with rounded corners. It is a thin and delicate typeface that is well-suited for use in branding, headlines, titles, and other applications where a modern and elegant look is desired. The font is legible at small sizes and comes in a range of weights, making it versatile for various design needs.

3. Balabeloo


Balabeloo is a playful and fun display font that features rounded edges and thick strokes. The letterforms have a childlike quality to them, making it a great choice for projects aimed at children or for designs that require a whimsical touch. It has a cheerful and friendly feel, making it suitable for a wide range of design projects.

4. Chromium One

Chromium One

Chromium One is a sans-serif typeface designed by Typotheque in 2016. It features a simple and modern design with narrow proportions and rounded corners. The font is legible and easy to read, making it suitable for use in both print and digital media. It is available in a range of weights and styles, including regular, bold, italic, and bold italic.

5. Comfortaa Bold

Comfortaa Bold

Comfortaa Bold is a rounded geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Johan Aakerlund. It has a modern look with a friendly and inviting feel, making it suitable for a variety of uses such as headlines, logos, and body text. The bold weight is particularly popular for its strong, attention-grabbing presence.

6. Fredoka One

Fredoka One

Fredoka One is a playful and friendly display font with a bold and rounded style. It features large curves and a simple, clean design that makes it ideal for headlines, logos, and branding projects. The font is easy to read and has a fun, whimsical feel that can add a touch of personality to any design.

7. Gugi


Gugi is a free Korean font that was designed by Jieun Kiaer and published by Hanken Design Co. It is a friendly, rounded typeface with a unique look and a handwritten feel. The Gugi font family includes regular and bold weights, as well as a web font version. It is suitable for a variety of design projects, including branding, packaging, posters, and more.

8. Postmark


Postmark is a rounded sans-serif font with a modern and friendly feel. It has a simple and clean design that is easy to read and works well for both headings and body text. The rounded edges give the font a soft and approachable look.

9. Studly


Studly is a sans-serif typeface that features bold, chunky lettering with rounded corners. It has a modern, geometric look with a unique personality that sets it apart from other similar fonts. Studly is a versatile font that can be used for a variety of purposes, including headlines, posters, logos, and branding. Its thick, solid lines and rounded edges make it a great choice for designs that require a bold, eye-catching look.

10. Hero


Hero is a clean and modern sans-serif font designed by Fontfabric. It features a tall and narrow letterform with rounded edges and subtle curves. The font is available in several weights and styles, making it a versatile choice for a variety of design projects, from branding and packaging to headlines and body text. Its simplicity and legibility make it a popular choice for modern designs.


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