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Best Pretty Fonts in Canva

Best Pretty Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best pretty fonts in Canva.

What are Pretty Fonts?

Pretty fonts are characterized by their elegance, whimsy, and decorative features. They often feature:

  1. Curves and Swirls: Pretty fonts have graceful, flowing lines, and decorative elements like loops and swirls.
  2. Elegance: They exude a sense of refinement and sophistication, making them ideal for formal or creative designs.
  3. Decorative Details: Pretty fonts may include ornate details, such as flourishes, ligatures, and embellishments.
  4. Thinness or Lightness: Many pretty fonts are thin or light, giving them an airy and delicate appearance.
  5. Script or Handwriting Styles: Cursive or script fonts are often considered pretty due to their flowing and graceful strokes.
  6. Floral or Nature-inspired Elements: Some pretty fonts incorporate floral or nature-inspired motifs, adding a touch of natural beauty to your text.
  7. Variation in Line Thickness: They often have variations in line thickness, creating contrast and visual interest.
  8. Legibility: While they are decorative, pretty fonts remain readable, striking a balance between style and clarity.
  9. Versatility: These fonts work well in a variety of design contexts, from wedding invitations to branding and marketing materials.
  10. Playful or Feminine Styles: Pretty fonts can have a playful or feminine aesthetic, making them popular for projects targeting specific audiences.

Best Pretty Fonts in Canva

1. Tan Buster

Tan Buster Font

Tan Buster is a decorative display font with a bold, playful style. It features chunky, blocky letterforms with an irregular, hand-drawn appearance. It is often used in designs that require a touch of whimsy and fun.

2. Garamond


Garamond is a graceful and highly legible serif font with a long history of use in print and digital media.

3. Bodoni FLF

Bodoni FLF

Bodoni FLF is a classic serif font known for its high contrast between thick and thin strokes and its timeless elegance.

4. Didot LP

Didot LP

Similar to Bodoni, Didot LP is a modern serif font with a delicate, high-contrast design and a touch of luxury.

5. Optima


Optima is a sans-serif font with a unique blend of elegance and readability, making it suitable for a variety of design projects.

6. Lato


Lato is a versatile sans-serif font with an elegant and balanced design, making it suitable for various applications.

7. Cinzel


Cinzel is a decorative serif font with a classic and elegant appearance, ideal for headings and titles.

8. Playfair Display

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a serif font with a high-contrast design and an elegant, vintage look.

9. Aleo

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Aleo is a serif font known for its elegance and versatility, making it suitable for various design applications.

10. Avenir


Avenir is a modern sans-serif font known for its elegance and versatility in both print and digital media.


I hope you found this guide covering the best pretty fonts in Canva, useful! Be sure to check out our blog for more article covering the essential tips, tricks, and advice for Canva! Also, if you haven’t already tried CanvaPro, you can try it for free for 30 days!