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Best Masculine Fonts in Canva

Best Masculine Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best masculine fonts in Canva.

What are Masculine Fonts?

Masculine fonts are typically characterized by their strong, bold, and straightforward qualities. Here are some common characteristics of masculine fonts:

  1. Bold Weights: Masculine fonts often employ thicker, heavier strokes that offer a strong visual impact. These typefaces often have solid, sturdy appearances.
  2. Straight Lines and Sharp Edges: These fonts are likely to use more straight lines and sharper edges compared to their feminine counterparts, creating a more assertive look.
  3. Sans Serif Styles: Many masculine fonts are sans-serif, meaning they lack the small decorative lines (serifs) at the end of the strokes. This lends a clean, modern look.
  4. Block or Capital Letters: Masculine fonts often utilize block or capital letters for a more powerful, commanding presence.
  5. Uniform Letter Sizes: These fonts typically feature more consistent and uniform letter sizes, contributing to their solid, stable appearance.
  6. Minimalist and Functional: Masculine fonts often prioritize function over form, steering clear of extra embellishments or decorative elements for a straightforward, practical look.
  7. Angular Designs: Some masculine fonts use angular designs or geometric shapes, which can add a sense of dynamism and modernity.

Best Canva Masculine Fonts

1. Bowl


Bowl is a unique and distinctive font known for its rounded, bowl-shaped letterforms. It has a playful and friendly appearance, often characterized by smooth curves and a uniform stroke width. The letters have a balanced and harmonious design, making it suitable for various creative and casual applications.

2. Carter One

Carter One

Carter One is a bold and condensed display font with strong geometric letterforms. It features sharp corners and angular strokes, giving it a modern and edgy look. The letters have a high contrast between thick and thin lines, creating a visually striking impact. Carter One is often used for headlines, titles, and other attention-grabbing typography.

3. Racing Sans One

Racing Sans One

Racing Sans One is a condensed sans-serif font with a dynamic and sporty aesthetic. It draws inspiration from motorsports and racing culture. The letters are sleek, streamlined, and have a forward-leaning stance. The font conveys a sense of speed and energy, making it popular for sports-related designs, logos, and racing events.

4. Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker Font

Permanent Marker is a handwritten-style font that emulates the look of a bold marker or felt-tip pen. It has a casual and informal appearance, with slightly uneven strokes and a hand-drawn feel. The letters have a slightly slanted and irregular shape, giving a sense of spontaneity and personal touch. This font is often used to create a relaxed and playful atmosphere.

5. Kent Printed

Kent Printed Font

Kent Printed is a font that simulates the look of vintage letterpress printing. It captures the imperfect, textured, and slightly worn-out appearance of ink on paper. The letters have rough edges and visible ink marks, adding a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. Kent Printed is commonly used in designs that aim to evoke a vintage or retro vibe.

6. Gennaro Rough

Gennaro Rough

Gennaro Rough is a distressed and grungy font with a hand-drawn appearance. It features irregular and rough edges, simulating the look of ink or paint applied with a brush or pen. The letters have an organic and textured feel, giving a sense of artistic expression and rebelliousness. Gennaro Rough is often utilized in designs that require a rugged and edgy style.

7. Pinata Marks Rough Black

Pinata Marks Rough Black

Pinata Marks Rough Black is a bold and textured display font with a hand-painted aesthetic. It appears as if the letters were created with thick brush strokes, leaving visible brush marks and a textured surface. This font has a playful and artistic vibe, making it suitable for eye-catching headlines, posters, or designs that require a handmade touch.

8. Boxing


Boxing is a condensed uppercase font inspired by retro boxing posters and signage. It features bold letterforms with sharp angles and thick strokes, giving it a strong and impactful appearance. The letters often have decorative elements or flourishes, adding to its vintage and athletic style. Boxing is commonly used in designs related to sports, fitness, or retro-themed projects.

9. Kvant


Kvant is a clean and modern sans-serif font with a geometric design. It features simple and minimalistic letterforms with even stroke widths and straight lines. The letters have a balanced and harmonious look, suitable for a wide range of applications, including branding, editorial design, and web typography. Kvant conveys a sense of simplicity, professionalism, and clarity.

10. Prague


Prague is a classic serif font with elegant and refined letterforms. It draws inspiration from traditional typography and has a timeless and sophisticated appearance. The letters feature distinct serifs, moderate stroke contrasts, and balanced proportions. Prague is often used in designs that require a touch of traditional or vintage charm, such as book covers, invitations, or luxury branding.


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