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Best Cursive Fonts in Microsoft Word

Best Cursive Fonts in Microsoft Word

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best cursive fonts in Microsoft Word.

Best Microsoft Word Cursive Fonts

1. Bukhari Script

Bukhari Script

Bukhari Script is a bold monoline cursive font. It has a mix of modern and classic elements, making it suitable for a wide range of designs. The thick lines and rounded edges give it a playful, casual feel. It often includes varied strokes and embellishments, providing a handwritten feel.

2. Clicker Script

Clicker Script

Clicker Script is a connected script font that has a dynamic and flowing appearance. Its letterforms mimic the style of a quick, joyful handwriting with a brush or marker. The font’s fluid, informal strokes make it ideal for casual, creative, and expressive designs.

3. Euphoria Script

Euphoria Script

Euphoria Script is an informal yet elegant script typeface. Its letterforms flow gracefully with varying stroke widths that mimic calligraphic writing. It’s a great font for creating a sense of joy and elegance in your designs.

4. Jimmy Script

Jimmy Script

Jimmy Script is a casual, playful, and friendly script font. Its loose, handwritten style makes it feel personal and approachable. With its rounded letters and slight slant, it has a lively and fun character, perfect for informal, light-hearted designs.

5. Pinyon Script

Pinyon Script

Pinyon Script is a formal script font that combines the style of romantic and elegant handwriting with a touch of vintage flair. It has well-defined strokes and a high contrast between its thick and thin lines. Its letters often include ornamental strokes for an added touch of sophistication.

6. Playlist Script

Playlist Script

Playlist Script is a perfectly imperfect hand-drawn font with a casual and playful feel. It is expressive and includes a variety of glyphs and ligatures that give it a unique, organic look. It’s excellent for designs seeking a personal touch, such as logos, posters, or greeting cards.

7. Alex Brush

Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a beautiful, flowing brush script typeface with a modern yet elegant feel. Its organic strokes and fluid movement make it well-suited for branding, logos, and expressive typography.

8. Sweet Apricot

Sweet Apricot

Sweet Apricot is a tasteful and cursive handwritten font. It looks lovely on a variety of designs requiring a customized style, such as wedding invitations, thank you cards, weddings, greeting cards, logos, and so on.

9. Books Script

Books Script

Books Script is a flowing, elegant typeface that takes its inspiration from traditional calligraphy. It has varied stroke widths, with thin, delicate lines transitioning into bold downstrokes. Its elegant, fluid forms make it ideal for creating a sense of sophistication and grace in your designs. It’s commonly used for headers, wedding invitations, logos, and other areas where a touch of elegance is required.

10. Cloud Script

Cloud Script

Cloud Script is a whimsical, handwritten typeface that can bring a light-hearted, friendly feel to your designs. It often features rounded characters with varying widths and heights, giving it a charmingly irregular look. Cloud Script’s casual, relaxed vibe makes it ideal for informal communications, children’s literature, or any design that requires a soft, approachable aesthetic.


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