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Best Cricut Fonts in Canva

Best Cricut Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best Cricut fonts in Canva.

What are Cricut Fonts?

Cricut fonts are specially designed fonts for use with Cricut electronic cutting machines. These fonts are often characterized by several key features and characteristics:

  1. Cut-Ready: Cricut fonts are designed to be compatible with Cricut machines, meaning they are optimized for cutting intricate and detailed designs. Each character in the font is designed as a vector image that can be cut out of various materials like paper, vinyl, fabric, and more.
  2. Single-Layer: Cricut fonts are typically single-layer fonts, which means they don’t have multiple layers or shadows by default. This simplicity is ideal for creating clean and precise cuts for various craft and DIY projects.
  3. Variety: Cricut offers a wide variety of fonts to choose from, including script fonts, sans-serif fonts, serif fonts, and decorative fonts. This variety allows users to find the perfect font for their specific project and style preferences.
  4. Connected Letters: Some Cricut fonts have characters that are designed to connect seamlessly when used in script or cursive styles. This feature helps create a more cohesive and professional-looking design.
  5. Customizability: Cricut Design Space, the software used with Cricut machines, often allows users to customize fonts further by adjusting letter spacing, size, and other attributes to fit their project’s requirements.
  6. Digital Access: Many Cricut fonts are available digitally through Cricut’s online store or subscription services, making it convenient for users to download and use them directly in their projects without the need for physical font cartridges.
  7. Commercial Use: Some Cricut fonts may come with licenses that allow for commercial use, enabling users to create and sell products using these fonts.
  8. Special Characters and Glyphs: Cricut fonts often include special characters, glyphs, and symbols that are commonly used in crafting and design projects, such as arrows, flourishes, and decorative elements.
  9. Ease of Use: Cricut fonts are designed to be user-friendly and easy to work with, especially for those who may be new to design and crafting.
  10. Integration with Cricut Software: Cricut fonts are seamlessly integrated with Cricut’s design software, making it straightforward for users to select, customize, and cut their chosen fonts with their Cricut machine.

Best Cricut Fonts in Canva

1. Lato


Lato is a versatile sans-serif font with a clean and modern appearance. It’s suitable for a range of academic purposes.

2. Georgia


Georgia is a serif font designed for on-screen reading. It’s a good choice for longer texts, such as research papers.

3. Open Sans

Open Sans

Open Sans is a sans-serif font that’s both modern and highly legible. It’s a good choice for online materials.

4. Roboto


Roboto is a modern sans-serif font designed for screen readability. It’s a good choice for online documents and presentations.

5. Garamond


Garamond is a classic serif font with a timeless and elegant appearance. It’s often used for printed materials.

6. Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville is a classic serif font with a timeless and elegant design. It’s often used in printed materials.

7. PT Serif

PT Serif

PT Serif is a serif font that combines readability with a modern design. It’s suitable for academic papers and presentations.

8. Montserrat


Montserrat is a clean and versatile sans-serif font that can work well for academic presentations and online content.

9. PT Sans

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PT Sans is a sans-serif font that combines clarity with a modern style, making it suitable for digital and print use.

10. Nunito


Nunito is a friendly and modern sans-serif font with a rounded design, making it a good choice for digital content and presentations.


I hope you found this guide covering the best Cricut fonts in Canva, useful! Be sure to check out our blog for more article covering the essential tips, tricks, and advice for Canva! Also, if you haven’t already tried CanvaPro, you can try it for free for 30 days!