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Best Cool Canva Fonts

Best Cool Canva Fonts

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge most people. Luckily, Canva has made choosing great fonts for your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best cool Canva fonts.

What are Cool Fonts?

“Cool fonts” are a group of fonts that are unique, distinctive, and often modern in their design. They typically evoke feelings of non-conformity, unconventional choices, and have expressive personalities. Some of the common characteristics of “cool fonts” include::

  1. Unique and Distinctive: Cool fonts often have unique and distinctive letterforms that stand out from more traditional and commonly used fonts. They may incorporate unusual shapes, proportions, or stylistic features.
  2. Modern or Futuristic: Many cool fonts have a modern or even futuristic feel, incorporating clean lines, geometric shapes, or minimalist design elements. They often reflect current or forward-thinking design trends.
  3. Versatile: Cool fonts are often versatile and adaptable to different uses, whether in a logo design, a social media post, a poster, or a webpage.
  4. Expressive: Cool fonts often have strong personalities and are able to evoke certain moods or feelings. They can be bold and edgy, sleek and sophisticated, playful and quirky, or anything in between.
  5. Variety of Styles: Cool fonts can be found in a variety of styles, including sans-serif, serif, script, hand-lettered, graffiti, and more. The key is in the unique, creative details of the letterforms.
  6. Legibility: Despite their unique design elements, cool fonts should still maintain a high level of legibility. A font can’t be effective if it can’t be easily read.
  7. Unconventional: Many cool fonts break from traditional typographical rules or norms in creative ways, adding an element of surprise or novelty.

Best Cool Canva Fonts

1. Flying Circus

Flying Circus

Flying Circus is a playful and whimsical font with a vintage circus-style design. Its bold and highly stylized letterforms give it a fun and energetic feel, making it perfect for creative designs and branding related to entertainment or the arts. It works well for logos, headlines, and editorial designs.

2. Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow Font

Over The Rainbow is a decorative display font with a whimsical, hand-drawn style. It features irregular, uneven letterforms with a playful appearance. It is often used in designs that require a touch of fun and lightheartedness.

3. Janmeid


Janmeid is a bold, handwritten font with distinct letter shapes and a futuristic, sci-fi feel.

4. Monfem

Monfem Font

Monfem is a calligraphic script font with a flowing, elegant style. It features graceful, sweeping lines and has a romantic, feminine feel. It is often used in designs that require a touch of sophistication and elegance.

5. Holiday

Holiday Font

Holiday is a festive and playful font that’s perfect for adding a touch of cheer to any design. It features a bold, rounded style and lively curves that create a sense of joy and celebration.

6. Ravenholm Inline

Ravenholm Inline

Ravenholm Inline is a modern gothic display font designed by Andriy Dykun and published by NREY. It features an inline style with a bold and distinctive look that is both elegant and powerful. The font is perfect for use in branding, headlines, posters, and other design projects where a modern and sophisticated look is desired.

7. Mak


Mak is a simple and elegant sans-serif font that is characterized by its clean lines and minimalistic design. It is a versatile font that can be used in a wide range of applications, from logos and branding to body text.

8. Tan Buster

Tan Buster Font

Tan Buster is a decorative display font with a bold, playful style. It features chunky, blocky letterforms with an irregular, hand-drawn appearance. It is often used in designs that require a touch of whimsy and fun.

9. Monoton


Monoton is a bold, condensed font that has a retro, 80s-style design. It has a high contrast and a strong presence, making it a popular choice for creating impactful headlines and titles. Monoton is often used in advertising and posters.

10. Retropix


Retropix is a bitmap-style font created by the designer Goma Shin. It is inspired by old-school pixel art and video games and features a distinctive blocky, pixelated appearance. Retropix is often used in designs that aim to evoke a sense of nostalgia or retro aesthetic.


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