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Best Canva Wedding Fonts

Best Canva Wedding Fonts

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge most people. Luckily, Canva has made choosing great fonts for your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best Canva wedding fonts.

What are Wedding Fonts?

Wedding fonts are typically elegant, sophisticated, and often have a romantic feel to them. They are commonly used in wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and other wedding-related materials. Here are some common characteristics of wedding fonts:

  1. Script or Calligraphic Style: Many wedding fonts are in script or calligraphy styles, with flowing, elaborate letterforms that mimic traditional handwriting or hand-lettering.
  2. Serif Fonts: In addition to script and calligraphy, serif fonts are often used for wedding materials because of their classic and sophisticated feel. Serif fonts have small lines or strokes attached to the ends of larger strokes in a letter or symbol.
  3. Elegant and Refined: Whether script, serif, or another style, wedding fonts generally have an elegant and refined quality. They often feature delicate, intricate details, and a high level of contrast between thick and thin strokes.
  4. Variable Swashes and Flourishes: Many wedding fonts include long, decorative strokes, also known as swashes, as well as other ornamental flourishes. These can add a sense of luxury and romance to the typography.
  5. Ligatures: Wedding fonts often include ligatures, which are two or more letters designed as a single unit. In script fonts, this can make the text appear as if it were seamlessly hand-written.
  6. Range of Weights: Wedding fonts often come in a range of weights—from light to bold—allowing for varied emphasis in text and a wider range of design possibilities.
  7. Versatility: While many wedding fonts have a specific look and feel, they are typically designed to work well with a wide range of designs, from formal and traditional to modern and minimalist.
  8. Legibility: Despite their often elaborate designs, good wedding fonts should maintain a high degree of legibility, so they can be easily read across various print and digital mediums.

Best Canva Wedding Fonts

1. Eyesome Script

Eyesome Script Font

Eyesome Script is a modern calligraphy typeface with a playful yet elegant appeal. It features fluid, varied stroke widths and a lively, bouncing baseline, which gives it a casual and friendly feel.

2. Mak


Mak is a versatile font with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. It’s characterized by clean lines, sharp edges, and a uniform stroke width. The font often lends a sleek, professional look to any design.

3. Benedict

Benedict Font

Benedict is a classic, elegant serif font. It often includes features like contrast between thick and thin strokes and distinct, angled serifs, making it suitable for formal or traditional designs.

4. Pacifico


Pacifico is a fun, script typeface inspired by 1950s American surf culture. It features swooping, bold letters with a casual, laid-back feel, perfect for less formal designs or to provide a retro touch.

5. Holiday

Holiday Font

Holiday is a handwritten script font that features a flowing, casual style. It often conveys a relaxed, friendly tone and is great for informal designs or when a personal touch is needed.

6. Genty


Genty is a sans-serif font that features a clean and modern design, with condensed letterforms and distinct serifs. It was designed by Indonesian graphic designer, Agga Swistblnk. The font has a strong geometric structure, with letterforms that are narrow and tall. The serifs on each letter add a touch of elegance and help to distinguish it from other sans-serif fonts. The stroke widths are consistent and uniform, which gives the font a polished and professional look.

7. Rugrats


Rugrats font is often seen as playful and child-like, drawing inspiration from the animated series of the same name. Its irregular shapes and sizes can give a playful, cartoonish feel to your designs.

8. Clicker Script

Clicker Script, Clicker Script font

Clicker Script is a warm, friendly script typeface that’s excellent for logos, branding, or anywhere you need a personal touch. It features variable stroke widths and flowing letterforms, giving it an informal, handwritten feel.

9. Magnolia Script

Magnolia Script

Magnolia Script is a free script typeface that includes both Latin and Cyrillic characters. Its letterforms are round and flowing, creating a smooth, organic feel that’s great for casual or creative applications.

10. Dream Avenue

Dream Avenue Font

Dream Avenue is a whimsical, script font with a fairytale-like quality. Its elaborate letters with numerous swirls and flourishes make it an excellent choice for designs seeking to evoke romance, whimsy, or nostalgia


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