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Best Block Letter Fonts in Canva

Best Block Letter Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best block letter fonts in Canva.

What are Block Letter Fonts?

Block letter fonts, also known as slab-serif fonts, are characterized by several distinctive features that set them apart from other font styles. Here are some key characteristics of block letter fonts:

  1. Rectangular Serifs: Block letter fonts have thick, rectangular serifs (the short lines or brackets at the ends of strokes) that are often the same width as the main strokes, giving them a strong, solid appearance.
  2. Uniform Stroke Width: Unlike some other font styles, block letter fonts typically have a consistent stroke width throughout each character, conveying a sense of stability and solidity.
  3. Bold and Heavy: Block letter fonts are generally bold and heavy, making them highly visible and suitable for attention-grabbing headlines and signage.
  4. Minimal or No Contrast: Unlike many serif fonts that exhibit significant contrast between thick and thin strokes, block letter fonts have minimal or no contrast, resulting in a more even and sturdy look.
  5. Geometric Shapes: Some block letter fonts incorporate geometric shapes and elements, giving them a modern and structured appearance.
  6. Simplicity: Block letter fonts often prioritize simplicity and straightforward design, making them easy to read and suitable for a wide range of applications.
  7. Legibility: These fonts are designed for readability, making them suitable for both print and digital media, particularly in larger sizes.
  8. Versatility: Block letter fonts are versatile and can be used for various design purposes, including headlines, posters, branding, and more.
  9. Modern and Retro Variations: While block letter fonts have a classic and timeless quality, modern variations incorporate contemporary design elements, and some fonts have a retro or vintage feel.
  10. Serif and Sans-Serif Varieties: Block letter fonts are available in both serif and sans-serif variations, offering designers flexibility in choosing the style that best fits their project.

Best Canva Block Letter Fonts

1. Arvo


Arvo is a contemporary slab-serif font designed for readability, making it suitable for both print and digital media.

2. Rockwell


Rockwell is a classic slab-serif font known for its bold and rugged appearance. It’s often used in headings and posters.

3. Rokkitt


Rokkitt is a slab-serif font that combines strong lines with elegance, making it suitable for both display and text use.

4. Bevan


Bevan is a bold slab-serif font with a distinctive geometric design, perfect for eye-catching headlines.

5. Arbutus Slab

Arbutus Slab

Arbutus Slab is a friendly and approachable slab-serif font with rounded serifs and a warm appearance.

6. Oswald


Oswald is a bold, modern, and versatile slab-serif font known for its clean lines and readability.

7. Marcellus


Marcellus: Marcellus is a slab-serif font with a classic and elegant design, making it suitable for various print and digital projects.

8. Anton


Anton is a condensed slab-serif font with a strong, bold presence, perfect for impactful headlines and posters.

9. Titillium Web

Titillium Web

Titillium Web is a versatile, geometric slab-serif font designed for web readability and legibility.


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