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Best Athletic Fonts in Canva

Best Athletic Fonts in Canva

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Great graphic design is powered by great font selection. But picking great fonts is a challenge for most people. Luckily, Canva has made adding great fonts to your designs much easier. In this tutorial, our team of design experts will cover the best athletic fonts in Canva.

What are Athletic Fonts?

Athletic fonts, also known as sports fonts, are typefaces designed to convey a sense of strength, energy, and athleticism. These fonts are commonly used in sports-related branding, team logos, uniforms, and other athletic-themed designs. Here are some key characteristics of athletic fonts:

  1. Bold and Blocky: Athletic fonts are typically bold and characterized by blocky letterforms. The boldness of the typeface conveys a sense of power and confidence.
  2. Straight Lines: Many athletic fonts feature straight, horizontal, and vertical lines in their letterforms. This gives them a strong and sturdy appearance.
  3. Sans Serif: Most athletic fonts are sans-serif, meaning they lack the decorative “serifs” or extended strokes seen in serif fonts. Sans-serif fonts are often chosen for their simplicity and readability.
  4. Condensed Proportions: Athletic fonts often have condensed or narrow proportions, allowing for efficient use of space and a streamlined look. This is especially important for creating impactful team names and logos.
  5. Geometric Shapes: Some athletic fonts incorporate geometric shapes, such as rectangles or squares, within the letterforms or as part of the font design. These shapes add visual interest and reinforce the sporty aesthetic.
  6. Inclined or Slanted Letters: Many athletic fonts have slightly inclined or slanted letters, which can create a sense of forward motion and dynamism.
  7. Strong Capitals: Capital letters in athletic fonts are often emphasized and may be larger or more ornate than the lowercase letters. This gives the text a commanding presence.
  8. Shadowing or Outlines: To enhance visibility and create a sense of depth, athletic fonts may incorporate shadowing, outlines, or multiple layers of strokes around the letters.
  9. Serif Variants: While most athletic fonts are sans-serif, some variations may include subtle serifs or decorative elements for added character.
  10. Variations for Team Names: Many athletic fonts offer variations specifically designed for team names, allowing for customized designs that integrate with logos and branding.

Best Athletic Fonts in Canva

1. Boxing


Boxing is a font that is bold, impactful, and carries a sporty vibe. It is used for headlines or other places where you want to draw attention.

2. Bebas Neue

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Bebas Neue is a tall and bold sans-serif font with a modern and minimalist look, ideal for creating impactful sports headlines.

3. Yearbook Outline

Yearbook Outline

Yearbook Outline is an outlined, blocky font reminiscent of classic yearbook or collegiate designs. It conveys a retro, vintage, or academic vibe.

4. Racing Sans One

Racing Sans One

Racing Sans One is a sans-serif typeface with a sporty, dynamic vibe. It features squared shapes with thick to thin contrast, reminiscent of speed and movement.

5. Oswald


Oswald is a bold and condensed sans-serif font with a modern and sleek design, ideal for contemporary sports graphics.

6. Play

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is a clean and versatile sans-serif font, often used in sports designs for its readability and contemporary style.

7. Magnolia Script

Magnolia Script

Magnolia Script is a flowy, elegant script font with a slight vintage feel. It’s great for wedding invitations, logos, and other elegant designs.

8. Organic


Organic is a font with a natural and minimalist aesthetic. The font is characterized by fluid, irregular shapes, inspired by elements from the natural world.

9. Bungee Shade

Bungee Shade

Bungee Shade is a display font that features a unique 3D shading effect. The characters appear as if they are popping out of the page, with a shadow cast below them. The font has a bold and playful style, with rounded edges and thick strokes. It is designed to be attention-grabbing and is well-suited for use in headings, titles, and other large text settings.

10. Magz


Magz is a sans-serif font designed by Fontfabric. It has a modern and minimalistic look with clean lines and rounded edges. The letters are slightly condensed with a generous x-height, making it easy to read even at small sizes.


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